Flowers has not been isolated. Pollen contamination may have occurred but it's a very rare event in my country. 


MIX 2013 Sarracenia, mixed seeds from different species and hybrids



A1/2013 S. alata, Pale flowers, Citronelle, AL (A19 Self-pollinated)

A2/2013 S. alata, giant black tube, very pubescent, (AB2 Self-pollinated)

A3/2013 S. alata intr. with leucophylla (AB1 x A4)



F2/2012 S. flava var. rugelii; Homerville Airport, Ware County, Georgia, (F163B)

F3/2012 S. flava mixed (var. flava X var. atropurpurea), (F1 X F2)

F4/2011 S. flava var. ornata, (FO6 "filiformis" X FH11B)

F5/2011 S. flava var. rubricorpora/ornata intergrade; Sandy Creek Road, Bay Co. FL (FH11B Self-pollinated)

F6/2012 S. flava var. rugelii; patchless, wavy lid, large, stocky; Homerville Airport, GA, (FR7 Self-pollinated)

F9/2012 S. flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, FL, (SF46 X F105)

F11/2011 S. flava var. ornata, Sandy Creek Road FL, (FO5 Self-pollinated)

F13/2012 S. flava var. rubricorpora Giant Red Tube, Sumatra, Liberty Co. Apalachicola National Forest, FL (SF46 Self-pollinated)

F14/2012 S. flava mixed (ornata "Filiformis" X rugelii patchless), (FO6 X FR7)

F16/2013 S. flava var. rugelii, Milton, FL, (F17MK X F53MK)

F17/2013 S. flava var. ornata, heavy veined, Gulf Coast (F73 Self-pollinated)

F18/2013 S. flava var. atropurpurea, Blackwater State Forest; FL, (F2 Self-pollinated)

F19/2013 S. flava var. cuprea, Santee Coastal Reserve, SC (FC12 Self-pollinated)

F20/2013 S. flava var. cuprea; East of Supply Road, NC, (FH10 Self-pollinated)

F21/2013 S. flava var. maxima, Saphony Creek, Virginia (F64/2 Self-pollinated)

F22/2013 S. flava var. rubricorpora (F25A 'Claret' Self-pollinated)

F23/2013 S flava flava var. rugelii, Clone 6, Milton FL (F53 Self-pollinated)



L1/2012 S. leucophylla Purple and white giant form, Route 71,Nr Altha, N.Florida, (L19 Self-pollinated)

L5/2012 S. leucophylla (Typical X L20BMK) X "Finestre Grandi"; (L61 X SL4)

L6/2012 S. leucophylla f. viridescens, (SL6 Self-pollinated)

L7/2012 S. leucophylla (Typical X L20BMK), (L61 Self-pollinated)

L8/2012 S. leucophylla alba X "Finestre Grandi", (L9 X SL4)

L9/2012 S. leucophylla purple & white, (L19MK X SL3)

L10/2012 S. leucophylla alba X purple veins, (L9 X SL3)

L11/2012 S. leucophylla viridescens X purple veins, (L46 X SL3)

L12/2012 S. leucophylla purple veins, (SL3  Self-pollinated)

L13/2013 S. leucophylla Yellow Flower, Perdido, Alabama (ipL20 Self-pollinated)

L14/2013 S. leucophylla white & green, (SL0 Self-pollinated)

L15/2013 S. leucophylla f. viridescens (L46 Self-pollinated)



M2/2013 S. minor var. minor; large form, Brunswick Co. NC (MM02 Self-pollinated)

M3/2013 S. minor var. minor; Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia, (MM03 Self-pollinated)

M6/2013 S. minor var. minor; Nr. Wacamaw River, Brunswick Co. NC, (M12 Self-pollinated)

M7/2013 S. minor var. minor; wide spots, bronze top (BCP) ( MM04 Self-pollinated  )

M8/2013 S. minor var. minor; Waycross, GA, (M21 Self-pollinated)



O1/2012 S. oreophila; De Kalb Co. AL, (S8A7 Self-pollinated)

O2/2012 S. oreophila; Serra Marsure, (OR1 Self-pollinated)

R1/2012 S. rubra ssp. alabamensis var. pubescens, (HF01 Self-pollinated)


PS1/2012 S. psittacina, (PS1 Self-pollinated)

PS2/2013 Sarracenia psittacina;  large white patches; Citronelle, Alabama. (PS35S-D Self-pollinated)

P1/2013 S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii; Chipola Giant, (PV3 Self-pollinated)

P2/2013 S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana; Transylvania Co. NC, (PV5  Self-pollinated)

P3/2013 S. purpurea ssp. purpurea 'Sorrow'  (PP1 Self-pollinated)



H18/2012 Sarracenia x Gilpinii heterophylla (R9 X PS2)

H19/2012 Sarracenia alata red lid X leucophylla viridescens, (L46 X AB1)

H21/2012 Sarracenia alata A28MK X leucophylla L23MK, (H11 Self-pollinated)

H22/2012 Sarracenia rubra gulf. luteoviridis X leucophylla viridescens, (R9 X L46, antho-free plantlets)

H23/2012 Sarracenia moorei, (leucophylla Typical X L12B) X flava atropurpurea (L65 X F2)

H24/2012 Sarracenia (mitchelliana X flava rugelii Marston) X 'Sorrow', (PP1 X H2A)

H25/2012 Sarracenia (mitchelliana X flava rugelii Marston) X leucophylla w&g, (H2A X SL0)

H26/2012 Sarracenia (courtii X minor okee) X "Valentine's Day", (H163 X H5)

H27/2012 Sarracenia leucophylla w&g X flava atropurpurea, (SL0 X F2)

H28/2011 Sarracenia leucophylla viridescens x alata, (L46 X SA25)

H29/2012 Sarracenia X catesbaei, (H1 Self-pollinated)

H30/2012 Sarracenia  (mitchelliana X flava rugelii Marston)  X flava cuprea, (H2 X FH10)

H31/2012 Sarracenia leucophylla viridescens x rubra alabamensis pubescens, (L46 x HF01)

H32/2012 Sarracenia leucophylla viridescens x (leuco X rubra gulf. luteoviridis), (L46 X H9, high chance of antho-free plantlets)

H33/2012 Sarracenia "Valentine's Day" x rubra alab. pubescens, (H163 X HF01)

H34/2011 Sarracenia excellens x (wrigleyana  x excellens), (H150 Self-pollinated)

H36/2012 Sarracenia pseudo-glider, big lid, oreophila hybrid (S246 Self-pollinated)

H37/2012 Sarracenia leuco X rubra gulf. luteoviridis, (H9 Self-pollinated, 50% chance of antho-free plantlets)

H38/2012 Sarracenia mitchelliana X flava rugelii Marston, (H2A, H2B mixed)

H39/2012 Sarracenia x Gilpinii, (H82 Self-pollinated)

H42/2011 Sarracenia flava atropurpurea X (mitchelliana X flava rugelii Marston), (F2 X H2)

H45/2011 Sarracenia "Glider" X flava rugelii patchless, (HF04 X FR7)

H46/2012 Sarracenia "Glider", (HF04 Self-pollinated)

H47/2012 Sarracenia "Glider" X oreophila, (HF04 X S8A7)

H48/2012 Sarracenia "Glider" X leucophylla, (HF04 X SL3)

H49/2012 Sarracenia "Glider" X alata red lid, (HF04 X AB1)

H50/2012 Sarracenia "Glider" X pseudo-glider, (HF04 X S246)

H51/2013 Sarracenia "Valentine's Day", (H163 Self-pollinated)

H52/2013 Sarracenia mitchelliana X flava rugelii Marston, (H2A Self-pollinated)

H53/2013 Sarracenia (alata black tube X flava cuprea), (HF03 Self-pollinated)

H54/2013 Sarracenia (wrigleyana  X excellens) X minor, yellow and red flowered forms (H62, different clones)

H55/2013 Sarracenia moorei (F53 X SL3)

H56/2013 Sarracenia flava atropurpurea X rubra (F2 X R2)

H57/2013 Sarracenia leucophylla f. viridescens x purpurea ssp. venosa  f. pallidiflora (L46 X PV2)