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DM01 Dionaea muscipula 'B52' 

DM02 Dionaea muscipula 'Coquillage'

DM03 Dionaea muscipula 'Cupped Traps'

DM04 Dionaea muscipula "Cupped Traps X Royal Red"

DM05 Dionaea muscipula "Gezacht"

DM06 Dionaea muscipula "Giant Peach"

DM07 Dionaea muscipula "Green Sawtooth"

DM08 Dionaea muscipula 'Microdent'

DM09 Dionaea muscipula "Orange Pike"

DM10 Dionaea muscipula 'Petite Dragon'

DM11 Dionaea muscipula 'Royal Red'

DM12 Dionaea muscipula 'Red Piranha'

DM13 Dionaea muscipula "Red Sawtooth"

DM14 Dionaea muscipula "Spotty" 

DM15 Dionaea muscipula 'Tiger Teeth' (Klein) 

DM16 Dionaea muscipula 'Wacky Traps'

DM17 Dionaea muscipula "Yellow Fused"

DM18 Dionaea muscipula "Whale"




D01 Drosera adelae

D02 Drosera binata {red plant, Waihohonu, Desert Road, NZ, 1080m}

D03 Drosera capensis

D04 Drosera filiformis var filiformis

D05 Drosera hamilitonii

D06 Drosera intermedia; Coiromonte, Novara

D07 Drosera prolifera

D08 Drosera regia

D09 Drosera rotundifolia (Udine, friuli venezia giulia, italy)

D10 Drosera spatulata 'Lovellae'


Pygmy Drosera

D11 Drosera dichrosepala "Robust form, Mt Manypeaks"

D12 Drosera scorpioides


Tuberous Drosera

D13 Drosera erythrorhiza ssp erythrorhiza

D14 Drosera graniticola

D15 Drosera peltata ssp foliosa

D16 Drosera aff. peltata (white flower)

D17 Drosera porrecta

D18 Drosera tubaestylis

D19 Drosera tubaestylis "Type, Perth Form"

D20 Drosera aff. stolonifera "Giant Hills Form"

D21 Drosera subhirtella

D22 Drosera sulphurea

D23 Drosera zigzagia




H01 Heliamphora sarracenioides; clone 1A

H02 Heliamphora ciliata; clone X

H03 Heliamphora folliculata; Aparaman, Clone B




N01 Nepenthes adnata, Kelog S. clone VI

N02 Nepenthes campanulata, clone II

N03 Nepenthes flava, clone IX

N04 Nepenthes inermis

N05 Nepenthes muluensis, clone I




P01 Pinguicula agnata {El Lobo}

P02 Pinguicula crassifolia

P03 Pinguicula cyclosecta

P04 Pinguicula emarginata 

P05 Pinguicula esseriana

P06 Pinguicula gigantea

P07 Pinguicula vallisneriifolia

P08 Pinguicula laueana (crimson red flower)

P09 Pinguicula medusina

P10 Pinguicula moctezumae

P11 Pinguicula mirandae (Oxaca, Mexico)

P12 Pinguicula agnata "El Lobo" X emarginata

P13 Pinguicula gigantea X moctezumae

P14 Pinguicula gracilis X moctezumae





Sarracenia alata

AB1 Sarracenia alata red lid, gets very large and red outside, probably introgressed with leucophylla (Klein)

AB2 Sarracenia alata, giant black tube, very pubescent (Plantev) 

AB3 Sarracenia alata black tube, White's Crossing, Stone Co., Mississippi (Melly) 

A4 Sarracenia alata, introgressed with leucophylla, yellow and orange flowers (Pico H13GZ)

A16b Sarracenia alata, long overhanging lid, Stone County, Mississippi (SA16b Aidan)

A19 Sarracenia alata, Pale flowers, Citronelle, AL (A19 MK)

A25 Sarracenia alata, Bulbous Red Lid, Heavy Vein Stone County, Mississippi (SA25 Aidan)



Sarracenia flava

F1 Sarracenia flava var. flava, "Megaflower" (FL02 Faunista)

F2 Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea All red Blackwater State Forest; Florida (PW F02)

FR5 Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora, F20MK X F124MK (Frangelo)

FO5 Sarracenia flava var. ornata, Sandy Creek Road FL (PW) 

FO6 Sarracenia flava var. ornata "Filiformis", aberrant form, seed grown

FR7 Sarracenia flava var. rugelii; patchless, wavy lid, large, stocky; Homerville Airport, Homerville, GA seed grown (PW)

FH9 Sarracenia flava, mixed (cuprea FC12 X rubricorpora F89MK) (frangelo)

FH10 Sarracenia flava var. cuprea; East of Supply Road, NC seed grown (PW)

FH11A Sarracenia flava var. ornata; Sandy Creek Road, Bay Co. FL (WS PW)

FH11B Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora/ornata intergrade; Sandy Creek Road, Bay Co. FL , (WS PW)

FC12 Sarracenia flava var. cuprea; Santee Coastal Reserve, SC (PW) 

F17 Sarracenia flava var. rugelii, Copper tinged, Milton, Fl. Copper tint to the emerging growth and young opened pitchers(W), F17 MK

SF46 Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora Giant Red Tube Sumatra, Liberty County, Apalachicola National Forest, Florida(W)

F53 Sarracenia flava var. rugelii, Clone 6, Milton FL (W). Horizontal splash of colour when viewed from the side (F53 MK)

F64/2 Sarracenia flava var. flava yellow pitchers (prob. Maxima), Saphony Creek, Virginia (Phil Wilson) 

F73 Sarracenia flava var. ornata, heavy veined, Gulf Coast (Mike King)

SF81 Sarracenia flava (rubricorpora X ornata), Joe Mazrimas Cross

F89 Sarracenia flava var. rugelii, Homerville Airport, Ware County, Georgia (F89DCB)

F105 Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest,WS,(AH). Large pitchers, slight orange blush upper tube (F105 MK)

F163B Sarracenia flava var. rugelii; Homerville Airport, Ware County, Georgia (DCB)



Sarracenia leucophylla

SL0 Sarracenia leucophylla; white-green, Orto Botanico di Padova (F. D'A)

SL3 Sarracenia leucophylla; red veined, very tall 1 mt high, stocky pitchers; seed grown (F.D'A.) 

SL4 Sarracenia leucophylla; finestre grandi, (A.A.) 

SL5 Sarracenia leucophylla; yellow flower, L14 PW X L04 MK

SL6 Sarracenia leucophylla f. viridescens,(Plantev)

SL7 Sarracenia leucophylla; White Top, Gas Station Site, Perdido, Al

SL8 Sarracenia leucophylla; Gas Station Site, Perdido, Al

L9 Sarracenia leucophylla var. alba L9 MK

L14 Sarracenia leucophylla; Yellow Flower, Citronelle, AL.W L69 Mike King

L20 Sarracenia leucophylla; Yellow Flower, Perdido, Alabama (ipL20 Aidan)

L19 Sarracenia leucophylla Purple and white giant form, Route 71,Nr Altha, N.Florida,W,(AH) L19 Mike King

L46 Sarracenia leucophylla f. viridescens; L46 MK

L61 Sarracenia leucophylla (Typical X L20BMK) (Frangelo)

L65 Sarracenia leucophylla (Typical X L12B red form MK) (Frangelo)

L66 Sarracenia leucophylla (Typical X L34 white top MK) (Frangelo)

SL10 Sarracenia leucophylla var. alba



Sarracenia minor

MM01 Sarracenia minor var. minor (BCP)

MM02 Sarracenia minor var. minor; large form, Brunswick Co. NC seed grown (Plantev)

MM03 Sarracenia minor var. minor; Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia, WS seed grown (Plantev) 

MM04 Sarracenia minor var. minor; wide spots, bronze top (BCP)

MG03 Sarracenia minor; Okeefenokee Giant; Okeefenokee Swamp, GA (Phil Wilson)

M12 Sarracenia minor var. minor; Nr. Wacamaw River, Brunswick Co. NC.

M21 Sarracenia minor var. minor; Waycross, GA M21 MK

M22 Sarracenia minor var. minor f. viridescens; green, anthocyanin free, Original, Worth Co. GA.



Sarracenia oreophila

OR1 Sarracenia oreophila (Marsure) 

S8A7 Sarracenia oreophila; De Kalb Co. AL (BCP)




Sarracenia psittacina

PS1 Sarracenia psittacina (Plantev)

PS2 Sarracenia psittacina f. viridescens (Plantev)

PS35S-D Sarracenia psittacina;  large white patches; Citronelle, Alabama. (KP 15/2007)



Sarracenia purpurea

PP1 Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea 'Sorrow' 

PV2 Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa var. venosa f. pallidiflora (Plantev)

PV3 Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii; Chipola Giant

PP4 Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea; marsure

PV5 Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana; Transylvania Co. NC



Sarracenia rubra

HF01 Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis var. pubescens; extremely hairy pitchers (F D'A)

RG5 Sarracenia rubra ssp. gulfensis; large form; Yellow River, FL (W) (RG5 Mike King)

R9 Sarracenia rubra ssp. gulfensis f. luteoviridis Yellow River, Florida, PA(SR23) stocky, white patches in throat & lid (RG02/4PW)



Sarracenia Hybrids

H1 Sarracenia X catesbaei (S. purpurea venosa X S. flava maxima Marston); 2006

H2A Sarracenia (mitchelliana X flava rugelii Marston); red top, heavily veined, black troath in autumn, 2006

H2B Sarracenia (mitchelliana X flava rugelii Marston); copper top, small patch on troath 2006

H3 Sarracenia excellens x leucophylla (F.C.) 

HF03 Sarracenia flava x alata; orange pitchers (F. D'A.)

HF04 Sarracenia "Glider"; purpurea/oreophila/flava hybrid, HUGE lid (F. D'A.) 

H5 Sarracenia (courtii X minor okee)

H6 Sarracenia "Heliamphoroides" 

H8 Sarracenia hybrid, green lid, red tube, pitchers are red inside (F. D'A. 2007)

H9 Sarracenia (leucophylla X rubra gulfensis luteoviridis) 2007

H10 Sarracenia X (leucophylla/psittacina/rubra hybrid); (F.D'A. 2007)

H11 Sarracenia (alata A28MK X leucophylla L23MK); (F.C.) 

H16 Sarracenia excellens x minor; (F.C.) 

H62A Sarracenia (wrigleyana  X excellens) X minor; (F.C.) 

H62C Sarracenia (wrigleyana  X excellens) X minor; (F.C.) 

H62D Sarracenia (wrigleyana  X excellens) X minor; (F.C.) 

H82 Sarracenia X gilpinii; (F.C.) 

H150 Sarracenia excellens x (wrigleyana  x excellens) (F.C.) 

H77 Sarracenia "Bocca di Rosa" (excellens X courtii) (F.C.) 

H163 Sarracenia "Cuore" (excellens X formosa) (F.C.) 

S246 Sarracenia hybrid, huge lid, light veined (F.D'A. 2007)




U01 Utricularia australis

U02 Utricularia bisquamata 'Betty's Bay'

U03 Utricularia delicatula {Whangamarino Swamp, New Zealand}

U04 Utricularia heterosepala

U05 Utricularia minor/bremii (sibolla, estinta)

U06 Utricularia nephrophylla

U07 Utricularia nelumbifolia

U08 Utricularia prehensilis {Mkambati Natural Reserve, Eastern Cape, S.A.}

U09 Utricularia uniflora 

U10 Utricularia scadens



B1 Byblis liniflora